What Does an HOA Manager Do?

A homeowners association manager, or HOA manager, is hired by the board of directors to handle the day to day operation of the homeowners association. A professional property manager greatly reduces the workload of the board members who are volunteers and who usually do not have the time or training to manage every aspect of the association.

The association manager’s financial duties include collecting dues, ensuring that bills and taxes are paid on time, producing financial reports, preparing an annual budget for the board’s approval and ensuring that the HOA has sufficient reserve funds to cover unexpected expenses or major maintenance projects such as roof replacement or pool refurbishment.If all homeowners pay their dues on time and in full, the association manager’s job is made easier but this isn’t always the case. When homeowners fall behind or stop paying their dues, the manager has to take action. Actions can range from something as simple as sending a letter or having a discussion with the homeowner to hiring an attorney for the HOA to pursue legal actions against the homeowner in order to collect monies due. A good association manager will take action before the situation grows out of control.

The manager handles various administrative tasks to keep the homeowners association running smoothly. These jobs include keeping records of income and expenses, corresponding with board members and homeowners and enforcing HOA rules. He or she also acts as a consultant to the board, advising them on changes to rules and regulations, obtaining quotes from insurance companies and other service providers in order to save the HOA money and referring the board to other professionals such as attorneys and tax preparers.

Hiring and monitoring vendors for pest control, pool maintenance and landscaping is the responsibility of the association manager. Proper maintenance of common areas not only lowers costs for the HOA over time, it also helps to maintain or increase property values. The manager also inspects the property on a regular basis to ensure that any damages or potential hazards are repaired.

Hiring the right property manager to oversee a homeowners association can be the best decision a board of directors can make on behalf of the homeowners. It gives each homeowner the peace of mind of knowing that their property is being managed by professionals whose main goal is to preserve or increase the value of the property.

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