Tips On How To Be A Great Tenant In Myrtle Beach

Well, you finally found the perfect place to rent here in Myrtle Beach, you’ve been approved and have moved all of your belongings in. Now what? Well, besides living your life and enjoying every inch of your new digs, perhaps it’s important to learn what your landlord expects of you during your stay. Atlantic Real Estate Management, a Myrtle Beach property management company, is here to provide a few tips on how you can be a great tenant.

Read Your Lease Agreement

By reading your lease agreement, you will be aware of what you can and cannot do as a tenant. Most of the time, these rules and regulations are put together by your property management company. They can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, but the bulk of it remains the same. Something as small as leaving your garbage can out too long or going too long without cutting your grass in the summer can lead to a fine, and nobody wants that!

Stick To Your Lease & Don’t Break It

Not paying rent, breaking a lease early or subletting your apartment without permission are a few examples of breaking a lease agreement, but there are several smaller items that can do it as well. A landlord can technically evict a tenant for breaking ANY term of a lease, but most won’t if it’s a small line item. By the same token, do you really want to risk losing your home or apartment? Read your lease and abide by it to keep a kosher relationship between you, the owner and the property management company.

Pay Your Rent On Time

A happy landlord is one that is paid on time each and every month without any issues. It’s your responsibility to get your rent check in my a certain date each and every month, so do what you can to make sure you have enough funds in your bank account to make that happen. Paying consistency on time for a long period of time will buy you a slip up or two if for whatever reason you forgot to pay rent, were out of town or were dealing with another issue. If you PLAN on paying late, be sure to let your property management company or landlord know in advance.

Treat It Like You Own It

There are PLENTY of horror stories out there about tenants who rent a place, move in, trash the place and then leave the mess behind. Sure, that might be the extreme end of it, but it happens. If you have an animal, be sure to clean up after it inside the best that you can. Do your best to keep your rental in the shape you found it, not only to get your deposit back when you do leave, but also to keep a positive relationship with your landlord and/or property management company. If something is broken, whether it is your fault or not, let your owner or property management company know ASAP so that it can be repaired. By keeping everything in tip-top shape, you will earn more trust from the owner. That trust will come in handy when it’s time to negotiate a renewal. Something to consider!

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