Things To Know BEFORE Moving To Myrtle Beach, SC

Whether you grew up vacationing along the Grand Strand or fell in love with our sandy beaches while visiting a friend or family member who already lives here, there’s clearly a lot to love about the Myrtle Beach, SC area. As a local real estate management company, we know just about everything there is to know about living in Myrtle Beach, SC. Here are some things our team here at Atlantic Real Estate Management thinks you must know before moving to Myrtle Beach. 

It’s a Tourist Town

If you didn’t know that already, you’d definitely be able to tell come Memorial Day weekend when summer kicks off down here. Myrtle Beach had a record-breaking amount of tourists coming to visit this summer and it’s only expected to grow next summer as more and more people make the move down here. 

So Many Restaurants

If you hate cooking at home, then you’ll have no problem finding places to eat in Myrtle Beach! We have more restaurants per capita than NYC! From fresh seafood and buffets to steakhouses and everything in between, there’s a restaurant for whatever you’re craving! 

Cost Of Living

Compared to northern states and out west, the cost of living in Myrtle Beach is relatively low. From the perfect weather, sandy beaches, low cost of living, Myrtle Beach has been named the #1 place people want to move to because of the location and affordability. 

Type Of Work

Unless you have a job prior to moving here, finding a specific line of work can be difficult if it’s not in the tourist industry. There are hundreds of restaurants and hotels that need people year-round so it’s possible to find something different, but it can be difficult. 

Overall, the Grand Strand is a desirable destination for many. Whether you’re actively looking for a place to live or just considering it, our team here at Atlantic Real Estate Management is here to help you find and/or manage the perfect rental property here in Myrtle Beach, SC. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!