Move Out Checklist: How To Be A Good Tenant

With the end of the summer just around the corner, many people are heading back to school or moving back home and getting ready to start a new lifestyle somewhere else. While we understand moving is a stressful time for some, we’ve come up with a small checklist of things you can do, as a tenant, to help ensure your security deposit is refunded, you can avoid extra cleaning fees, etc. if applicable.  

Contact Your Landlord/Property Management Company

This should be your first step once you’ve decided to move out of your current rental. By giving your landlord or property manager proper notice that you plan on moving out, they can help you set up a move-out date as well as go through other things with you that may be in your lease agreement.

Assess Any Damage

If you’ve had some damage happen inside your rental home, now is the time to make the repairs yourself or let your landlord or property manager know so they can work with you on the repairs and decide how much to take out of your deposit. 


Before you turn in your keys and confirm you’re finally moved out, you should give your rental home a thorough cleaning so you can avoid any extra cleaning fees. This including vacuuming (the more the better, especially if you have pets), moping/sweeping any other flooring, patching large holes, dusting fans and other services, cleaning your bathroom so it’s free of hair and other debris.

Turn In Your Keys

Once you’re sure that everything of yours is out of the rental home and it’s been cleaned, you should now turn in your keys to your landlord or property manager to ensure you’re not charged past your move-out date. 

Once you’ve turned in your keys and everything is said and done, you’re now off on another adventure to live somewhere else! Following this checklist will help out your landlord or property manager compared to if they had to deal with a rental home in poor condition. As always, our team here at Atlantic Real Estate Management is here to answer any questions you may have! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 

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