4 Things To Do To Get Your Home Rental-Ready

After the year we’ve had, more and more people choosing to rent rather than buy. That’s caused more homeowners to get their homes ready to rent. Before it comes time to start looking for tenants, there are a few things our team here at Atlantic Real Estate Management thinks you should know to help you better prepare your space. 

Deep Clean

A very good deep cleaning not only helps maintain the condition of your space but the tenant will appreciate a clean space to call home. Whether it’s shampooing and vacuuming the carpets or scrubbing the windows and baseboards, keeping your rental space clean reaps more benefits than you’d think.

Fresh Paint

If you’re trying to brighten up your space or cover up marks from a previous tenant, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your rental space. Paint is one of the easiest and affordable ways to brighten up your space. 

Check All Fixtures + Appliances

Nothing is more annoying to a tenant than moving into a new place with broken fixtures and appliances. By making sure all fixtures and appliances are working properly, you can limit the number of repairs once your tenant moves in. 

Final Walkthrough

After you’ve made all these changes, it’s important to do a final walkthrough before closing the door one last time. This is important because it’s possible that you could’ve missed something or left supplies behind after making repairs. 

Overall, each rental space is different and will require attention in different areas. Whether you’re considering renting out your property or are preparing for new tenants, our team here at Atlantic Real Estate Management is more than happy to help you. From finding tenants to protecting your rental property, our full-service property management team can help you in more ways than one! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.