4 Reasons Why Tenants Choose To Renew Their Lease

When it comes close to time for your tenant’s lease to end, there are many reasons why they may choose to renew their lease with you. From loving the location of their rental home to having no issues with maintenance, our professional property management team here at Atlantic Real Estate Management is here to tell you the top four reasons why tenants decide to renew their lease. 

Saves Time

Whether they’re tired of moving or have no real reason to start looking for a new rental, renewing their lease saves them time and the headache of applying somewhere else. 

Saves Money

Aside from the packing, moving, and unpacking that comes with finding a new rental space, many tenants don’t want to fork out another first month’s rent, security deposit, application fee, and whatever other fees come along with moving.  

Good Communication

When a tenant feels a certain level of trust with their landlord or property management team, they’re more inclined to stay because they’re comfortable with the way things are where they live. 

Reduces Uncertainty

Rather than trying to stress and scramble to find a new place before their lease expires, tenants will more than likely renew their lease if they feel comfortable and content with how the duration of their lease went. 

As a current resident, they’ve had time to meet their neighbors, landlord or property manager, maintenance crew, and more making them feel more comfortable where they are. Many times residents don’t leave unless there’s a big reason. Whether you’re looking for a new rental property or you’re interested in renting out your home, our property management team here at Atlantic REM is more than happy to help in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information!