3 Things That Attract Tenants To Rent

With many people looking to relocate, they’re looking for a nice, well-kept space to call their own! There’s a competitive market out there, but as a professional property management company here in Myrtle Beach, we know exactly what it takes to draw in quality tenants. That’s why we’ve come up with the top three things that will help you attract tenants to rent your property! 

A Clean Space

Whether you’ve hired a cleaning service company or are doing it yourself, showing potential tenants a very clean space will give off a good first impression that’s likely to hook tenants. If there is damage or things left from a previous tenant, it’s essential to fix and remove those items before listing or showing your property. Of course, our property management team can assist you. 

Move-In Ready

Beyond cleaning your property, you want to ensure that before you show your property to potential tenants that it’s move-in ready. That includes fixing any damage left by previous tenants, replacing light bulbs, checking to make sure all appliances are working properly, and anything else that you could see a tenant asking to replace or repair in the future. This step is also important when it comes to keeping your tenant happy once they move in. 

An Easy Application Process

Tenants are also looking for reliability and professionalism when it comes to renting. Rather than seeking out tenants on your own, our property management team is here to handle the transactions between tenants and communicate with them on your behalf about any questions they may have.

Whether you’re a tenant looking for a property to rent here in Myrtle Beach or have a property you’d like to rent out, our property management team here at Atlantic Real Estate Management is more than happy to help you with all your rental needs! Don’t hesitate to reach out!